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French, Pearl Colored Guinea Fowl

Hatching and shipping nationwide every Wednesday.

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"Guineas make a world of difference with our bug pest population."

- Katherine M.

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The little babies are now a week old and all arrived healthy and happy. Would order from here again!

Don P.

Got them on time, healthy and happy. They are getting bigger every day and thriving. Very happy with them.

Sherry P.

Very healthy birds! They are doing great! Would order from you folks again!!

Judy U.

Fast service and healthy chicks.

Dennis M.

All keets arrived healthy and are doing well. ... The instruction booklet was very detailed and a great guide for first time experience with raising fowl.

Lisa M.

Keets arrived on time and in very good shape. All are doing well.

Dave P.

Guineas make a world of difference with our bug pest population. This company will be my "guinea" shop from now on! Thanks!

Katherine M.

Why French Guinea Fowl?

1. Control Ticks Naturally

You hate ticks. Guinea fowl love eating ticks. This is a win-win scenario for everyone involved (except the ticks).

2. Produce Delicious Lean Meat

French guinea fowl produce a lean, dark meat similar to pheasants and reach 5-6 lbs in just 12 weeks.

3. Watchdog Personalities

Guinea hens make a racket whenever strange animals or people (like Uncle Bob) are sneaking around. This means Guinea hens can be loud!

4. Selectively Bred from Heritage Lines

Our variety of French guinea fowl are not genetically modified but have been selectively and naturally bred by the French for generations.

NPIP Certified Guinea Fowl Keets

We follow the National Poultry Improvement Plan testing guidelines and practices for excellent quality keets.

Raising Guinea Fowl 101:

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