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How to Build DIY Cheap & Effective Homemade Fly Traps

How to build a DIY fly trap

Cheap and effective?! Sign me up! It's hard to find those two things in the same sentence.

If you're like me you have some chickens and various other living things in your backyard. Living things are better than dead things (typically) but the process of living requires getting rid of excrement. This excrement attracts flies. Flies makes everyone on your farm angry except the frogs. But even hungry frogs can't reduce the demand among the fly population for real estate space on your farm.

I was buying fly traps at Tractor Supply for $6 a pop and they worked wonderfully. Within several hours of popping them open, they were already starting to fill up. However, I was going through a couple traps a week and that starts to add up. So I set out to make my own. They aren't complicated to make but I found some designs worked better than others. The principle is that the flies find their way through a funnel following the smell of putrid rotting junk. Then they fly to the top of the jug and can't find their way out. They get exhausted and flutter down to the water where they drown. This principle can be applied in other designs but here's my best working DIY fly trap design.

How to DIY Fly Trap - Step 1

DIY Fly Trap - Step 2

DIY Fly Trap - Step 3

DIY Fly Trap - Step 4

DIY Fly Trap - Step 5

DIY Fly Trap - Step 6

DIY Fly Trap - Step 6

How to build your own fly trap for guinea fowl farms

DIY Fly Trap - Step 8

I used hot dogs because they are cheap and they fit through the milk jug opening easily. You can use anything that rots like old chicken bones and scraps or fruit, etc. I found that only using chicken poop in the water doesn't work as well as using some sort of rotting meat.

This isn't as fast acting as the store bought fly traps, but they are cheaper and still work well. Once your trap is full, I simply pour some straight bleach into the jug and it quickly dispatches any flies that are still kicking.

If you're looking for guinea fowl for your fine farm, we'd be happy to send you some day old baby keets for sale right here.

Good luck!

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