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Feeding Guinea Fowl

What to feed French Jumbo guinea fowl - keets to adults

What to feed French guinea fowl:

  1. Day Old Keets – 2 Months: Unmedicated Wild turkey starter, game fowl starter, or chick starter feed with 20-26% protein. If using chick starter, try to find the starter with the highest amount of protein. Do NOT use medicated chick starter feed for guinea fowl. Some folks have used medicated feed without problems. We've had many orders where we believe medicated feed was responsible for dead keets. To be safe, avoid medicated chick starter.
  2. 2 Months – 3 Months: Transition to a feed with less protein, maybe around 18%. If you started with chick starter that had 19% or 18% protein, you can continue using that for this phase as well.
  3. Maturity: Use a standard poultry layer mash with 16% protein.

 Tips for feeding guinea fowl...

  1. Baby keets have a hunt and peck instinct. You can encourage this by scattering their starter feed in a large sheet pan and laying it on the floor of the brooder. They can then run around and find the feed themselves. This helps nurture foraging instinct. Be sure to lay paper towel or rubber shelf liner on the pan so the keets aren't running across a slippery surface. Slippery surfaces will produce spraddled legs in keets.
  2. Don't feed adult guinea fowl too heavily during summer months if you want them to eat ticks and forage. Guinea fowl that aren't hungry do not forage as heavily and will not eat as many ticks. During winter months you will need to supplement their diet more heavily because there is fewer natural food sources for them.
  3. You can offer feed in the evenings to lure them into their enclosure if need be. Also, turn on a small night light in their shelter since they instinctually are afraid of dark places.
  4. Keep the feed close to their night time shelter so they learn to return to their shelter for the night. This will help prevent losses to predators.
  5. Guinea fowl need a good, consistent source of fresh water available. Keep water available 24/7 from keets to adults.

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How to raise guinea fowl - keets to adults