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How to Buy Guinea Fowl Online

How to buy French Guinea Fowl Online

It is possible to receive live baby guinea fowl by mail. This is because right before guinea fowl hatch, they absorb the yolk of the egg and can live off of this protein shake for several days before they need food or water. It's designed this way so the mother hen doesn't have to get off the nest to feed keets until all of them have hatched (it can take a day or two for the whole clutch to hatch).

Buying guinea fowl online isn't that hard but the fact that you can buy live baby keets (what baby guinea fowl are called) online by mail order is new to some people so we'll tell you exactly how it works.

Here's how to order French Jumbo guinea fowl by mail:

  1.  Navigate to the French Guinea page where you can order the keets.
  2. The first option you'll come across is whether you want to pinion or do not want to pinion your keets. Pinioning is the process of removing part of one of the keet's wings at the pinion. This unbalances the guinea and prevents flight ability as an adult. If you are free ranging your guinea fowl, this is not recommended since it hampers the guinea's ability to escape predators.
  3. The next step is deciding how many guinea fowl you need and then entering that number in the quantity field below the "Pinion?" field. Our minimum order is 15 keets from April 1 to October 31 and 25 keets from November 1 to March 31. This is because during colder months we need to put more keets into a box so they stay warm during shipping.
  4. Next pick your preferred hatch date. Guinea fowl are hatched every Wednesday all year long (some breaks may occur in winter). A certain amount is hatched every week and we usually sell all of the keets before they are hatched. This means that we will not ship your keets right away, rather you'll have to wait until the date you selected. The keets should arrive at your post office 2 days after their hatch date.
  5. Click the "Add to Cart" button and then follow the prompts to checkout and pay for your order. We'll collect payment right away and that will hold your order.
  6. On your hatch date we wake up early that morning and get the keets out of the incubator. Then we carefully box them up, and put them on the mail truck. They are then received at the Lancaster, PA Post Office. They should reach your local post office 2 days after their hatch date, typically in the morning.
  7. Your Post Office should call you when they arrive.
  8. Go pick up your order at the Post Office!
  9. Carefully follow our French Jumbo Guinea fowl rearing instructions.


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