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Our Guinea Fowl Safe Arrival Guarantee

Safe Arrival Guarantee for French Guinea Fowl

We guarantee that your French (Jumbo) guinea fowl keets will arrive safe. In fact, we even guarantee their well being for up to 24 hours after their arrival. We add 2% extra poultry to your order to insure you get what you ordered.

What if they don't arrive safe?

If you have mortality, we will either refund or replace the dead keets. We do not guarantee the extra keets in the order, only the amount you ordered.

For example, if you order 15 keets and get 16 in the mail (since we send 1 extra), we would guarantee that 15 arrive alive. If you lose 1 keet, we will not be responsible for that since it was in addition to what you actually ordered.

What if I want a refund?

If you prefer a refund, we'll simply refund you the value of the lost keets.

What if I want replacements?

If you prefer replacements, we have to send a minimum order of keets. We will take the value of the lost keets off of the cost of that new order.

For example. Let's say you ordered 15 keets and unfortunately 5 don't make it. You received an 1 extra. That means we are liable for 4 keets. We'll have to send another order of 15 (or whatever the minimum order is at the time) but we'll deduct the value of the 4 lost keets off of the cost of the replacements.

What if some keets die after they arrive?

On rare occasions keets can get stressed during shipping and will pass away shortly after arrival. We guarantee the well being of our keets for 24 hours after they arrive (the tracking number will be used to determine arrival time). After 24 hours, any loss is likely due to improper care on your end and we will not be responsible for the keets well being.

How long do I have to report any losses?

Please let us know promptly if you experience any mortality with your order. We ask that notify us via email within 72 hours after their arrival of mortality or we are under no obligation to stand by our guarantee. We will try our best to work with you and make the bad experience as good as possible.